• Ovako Sweden AB, Hofors

    Ovako rests on a 300-year-old foundation of solid Nordic expertise in steel production. By the 17th century, the early traditions of iron forges had been formed in Hofors, followed by Boxholm and Hällefors in the 18th century and Smedjebacken in 1856. Over the centuries, the forges grew into large industries and eventually became some of the companies that later developed into today’s Ovako. 

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  • EAB

    EAB is a Swedish family-owned company, founded in 1957, that designs, manufactures and assembles warehouse storage systems, gates and steel structures that are adapted to the customer’s specific needs. The company is in Smålandsstenar, where all design, production and development are done. Today, EAB’s market is worldwide. Åkerströms has collaborated with EAB since 1989 – 30 years this year.

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  • Gyllensvaans Möbler

    Gyllensvaans Möbler is a family-owned company situated in the small town of Kättilstorp, just outside Falköping in southern Sweden. The company was established in 1946 by Nils Gyllensvaan and now employs about 250 people. Gyllensvaans’ main production area is bookcases, including IKEA’s world famous “BILLY”. The company manufacturers 170,000 bookcases every week for distribution all over the world.

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  • A soft and precise stop with Sesam 800

    Sesam 800 proofs that it is more than just a remote for opening doors. A new usage area for Sesam 800 Configurable is to operate the anchor gears at boats. Mr. Thomas Post is a very satisfied user of the configurable system.

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  • ABB Robotics

    Activity is intense at ABB Robotics in Västerås, Sweden. More than 20 forklift drivers are transporting goods out to the production lines and loading and unloading delivery trucks. To streamline the work as much as possible, all the doors are remotely controlled. ABB Robotics uses Sesam 599 and Software Sesam from Åkerströms.

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    You are sure to have seen it in action: the tail lift. It’s often on the lorry that delivers goods to grocery stores. A tail lift is simply a lifting and lowering device on the rear of a truck.

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